Fungal Infections – Virtual Grand Rounds

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FI Study Guide

Fungal Infections Virtual Grand Rounds (FI) consists of a series of lectures and case studies supplemented by tools such as a library, keyword search engine, and other material. You can play, pause, or rewind each lecture as needed.

To help keep track of your progress, print out the Course Checklist and keep it handy. Use it to check off each lecture as it is completed. It is a good idea to approach each lecture in order, as some of them refer to material presented in earlier lectures.

Several interactive patient case studies are also included in the course. These cases allow the user to diagnose and treat an online patient by making decisions at important branch points in the case. Answers and documentation of the answers are provided. While you can work through the case studies at any time, you may want to use them to test your knowledge after viewing the suite of lectures.

The FI course has been designed with the following goals:

* to present to you an overview of the most common types of fungal infections
* to provide you with the tools necessary to diagnose and treat fungal infections

More specifically, by the end of this course you should be able to:

* identify the different types of fungal infections
* identify methods for diagnosing fungal infections
* select appropriate antifungal medications for particular cases
* practice new skills in case diagnosis and management


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